Canada’s leading Insurtech. APOLLO’s proprietary digital platform allows the instant purchase of insurance policies that benefits both brokers and clients, and eliminates the time consuming, paper-based traditional process. APOLLO is redefining Insurance distribution.

How APOLLO is Making an Impact:

Launched in April 2019, APOLLO offers the largest selection of online insurance in Canada (and US operations that are currently in a soft launch). APOLLO understands what small businesses and solopreneurs need to protect and grow their businesses, and it’s not time-consuming paperwork.

Josh Pillsbury, VP of Partnerships, shared “APOLLO’s mission is to be the most customer-centric insurance business in the world. That might sound cliché, but in an industry like insurance, there’s been a lot of focus historically on the broker experience and what the insurance company experience is like, but the customer often gets forgotten along the way. We really want to centre our mission around the customer and how we can make that experience better. How can we make it easy for customers to get a quote? To collect the policy documents, for example, to show their landlord or show their company proof of insurance? We have a vision where computers do the work, so people can build relationships.”

“While we’re 100% digital company一everything is e-commerce, it can all be purchased online, we don’t want to take the human components away. We really want to leverage technology so we can take a lot of the busy administrative work away from brokers and free up more time to provide that advice and counsel to small business owners. So, through our technology platform, customers can get a quote, check out, have a policy in their inbox in a few minutes, and that allows a tremendous amount of time for the broker to actually provide that advice and counsel as opposed to filling in paperwork, or the customer themselves having to fill in paperwork.”

Why We are Big Fans:

APOLLO, was created by co-founders Jeff McCann and David Dyck. Very much a classic startup story, with the company initially being run from the co-founders’ homes, but a story that has resulted in APOLLO being named one of LinkedIn’s fastest growing startups in Canada, as they just crossed the 100 full-time employee mark across the country. Today, they are now Canada’s leading digital insurance provider for both small businesses and individuals.

This success has only spurred APOLLO on in their mission to support small businesses. Josh shares, “Our bread and butter are the small/micro businesses, freelancers, and solopreneurs. We recognize that as a small business owner, you’re often wearing many hats. You might be doing sales, marketing, finance, payroll, HR…you’re doing all of that. There’s a lot going on in day-to-day operations and insurance, while it might be the most important thing in my world, is often not the most important thing in a solopreneur’s world. At APOLLO, we’re trying to take that piece off our customers’ plate and make everything more intuitive and easier. We are taking the process of shopping for and purchasing the right insurance, a process that can take weeks if not months, and condensing it down into a few minutes through the online platform. Our customers can then focus their time on building and growing their businesses. The first step in the insurance process really is as simple as a click.”

A Partnership That Works:

“I think our goal with the Communo partnership, from day one, has really been about educating and supporting freelancers and small businesses on the topic of insurance,” Josh states.

“We recognize that small businesses don’t have a lot of options when it comes to insurance. We want to make sure that we’re giving them the information they need to make these decisions. We want to get feedback from freelancers and small businesses as well. What’s important to them? What pain points have they encountered in their experience? Any horror stories? Or are there mistakes that have been made on their insurance policies in the past? We want to make sure that the dialogue is open on both ends and we’re able to learn from small businesses. That’s the only way we can really change the industry – by understanding what our customers are experiencing. Our partnership with Communo allows us to be part of their community and facilitates these conversations.”

Communo has partnered with APOLLO to provide an exclusive business insurance offer. Click on the appropriate link for more information.





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