Meet Nobal: inventor of the iMirror, and a truly exciting company creating innovative and intuitive digital interfaces to enhance customer experience.

How Nobal is making an impact:

With a focus on retail and hospitality, Nobal is helping bricks and mortar meet digital with the use of their iMirror, and providing inspiration and the technology for businesses to reimagine and reinvent the way they interact with their customers. 

With their embedded technology, Nobal has turned mirrors into digital shopping assistants – creating digital avatars of shoppers so they can virtually try on clothing styles and sizes. An extremely versatile piece of technology, the iMirror can also make outfit recommendations, and let customers know what inventory is in stock. This versatility is also an asset as they expanded into the hotel industry. The iMirror turns a typical hotel lobby or guest room into an interactive experience. Guests can check in/out, order room service, plan itineraries, make reservations, and purchase event tickets to name just a few of the many useful applications.

Why we are big fans:

Nobal’s mission is to “forge ahead with passion and collaboration to successfully develop elegant solutions to complex problems.” A mission statement that their customers have seen in action. Their problem first, solutions later approach gives them the imagination and inspiration to create something for their clients that only Nobal is willing and able to do. Who doesn’t love a “challenge accepted” mindset? This innovative company is definitely one to watch.

Nobal meets Communo:

Lindsay Panchyshyn, Director of Marketing at Nobal, had heard of Communo from her friend Ryan Gill, Communo’s CEO. Nobal is in the process of ramping up and expanding and with this expansion comes some growing pains. Utilizing freelance talent is a newer concept with Nobal, but, as Lindsay remarked, “Nobal is looking to amplify who we are and what we do without bringing in large teams of full-time employees.”

And this is where Communo could lend a hand…helping businesses scale up or down quickly and efficiently. Instead of just “googling freelance workers,” Lindsay was able to rely on Communo’s concierge team to help find the talent Nobal needed, eliminating a lot of the steps, uncertainty and time involved in finding qualified and trusted freelance talent. A win-win for both companies. Communo had the pleasure of working with an innovative and exciting calgary-based company, and Nobal found the talent they needed effortlessly and pain-free. We thank Lindsay for her time spent with us for this spotlight, and are confident we will continue to watch Nobal grow and amaze clients across the globe.



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